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Welcome Wednesday

Social Media, Magazine Ads, Graphic Design

Northside Christian Academy hosts open house events every spring semester for new families to attend to learn more about the academy and the campus.

Northside Christian Academy advertises their open house events that begin each year in January on the first Wednesday of the month until May to potential students and families. The purpose of these events are to give these potential families a first hand look at what it is like at NCA while students are in class, changing classes, and participating specialty classes such as P.E. and art. Tours are led by NCA administration including the Head of Schools, Lower School Principal, Middle School Principal, and the  High School Principal. The goal of the digital campaign was to promote actual students at NCA in the photos and highlight content. that. focused on the tue difference that NCA makes  in its students lives. We also placed advertisements in local magazine and put up a pop-up on the academy website to make capturing leads as easy as possible. The attendance was up at least 25% from the previous years and enrollment numbers at NCA are the highest they have ever been!

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