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Five Reasons You Need To Make Your Facebook Page a Priority For Your Business:

  1. You can gather insights into your audience on social media. Insights allows you to see age ranges, areas where they live, and their gender. If you have never analyzed your social media audience, now is the time!

  2. Social media is the main way for you to build brand awareness, improve customer service, maintain consistent imagery to make you more recognizable, and drive traffic to your physical or digital location.

  3. In order to continue to drive traffic to your social media pages, you need to implement that 80/20 rule where 80% of your content is to inform, entertain, and educate and 20% is promotional content. The 80% category can include: news pertinent to your industry, company news/updates, tips for your business or software, and reviews/testimonials from past clients or employees.

  4. Advertising can be as easy as boosting a post you’ve already posted on your page or as complex as creating a custom ad that is tailored to a specific demographic or target audience. Facebook ads are a fantastic way to boost your following and sales on any budget.

  5. Share links in your content and track that data. Sharing links to various websites on your social media streams leads to higher traffic on those specific pages. Consumers are looking for quick and easy access to purchase or view your services.

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